Brent Rockwood

2814 Preston Lake Drive, Tucker, GA, 30084

+1 404 960 2864

Full stack developer specializing in MEAN and Microsoft technologies.

2016-Present — Software Developer — Soltech, Inc.

Greenfield development for major publishing company in the automotive sector.

2001-Present — Freelance Developer — Notable Recent Projects

Identity Management Connectors — State of Colorado

Wrote custom code to synchronize user data between Dell One Identity Manager, Google Apps, and CA Service Desk.

AngularJS Directives — Liberty Mutual

Developed AngularJS directives for use in a large underwriting application, interfacing with legacy Java REST services.

Election Reporting Application — City of Halifax

Led from-scratch development of an app to collect data from mobile devices and report up-to-the minute results in municipal elections.

Bitcoin Mining Marketplace — GAW Miners

Back end development of a consumer-facing app to buy and sell cloud-based Bitcoin mining resources.

Consumer-facing Storytelling App — Umenta

Led a startup team developing AngularJS front-ends, NodeJS server components, with integration with third party telephony and scheduling services.

I instituted a Scrum-like process, with daily deployments to production. All work was done remotely. In addition to my development tasks, I managed all operational infrastructure, primarily in Amazon Web Services and Heroku.

Identity Management Connectors — Cenovus Energy

Working as a specialist on a domain migration for a large oil company, I wrote custom software to synchronize Quest One Identity Manager with client's existing infrastructure.

2004-2012 — Senior Developer — Quest Software/Dell Software

I worked on the product teams for four products here.

Quest One Identity Manager - Data Governance Edition

This was a large, multi-server product designed to audit usage and classify protected unstructured data on remote NTFS shares and Sharepoint farms. It involved interfacing with other large teams all over the world.

In addition to my daily development duties, I contributed heavily to a complex daily build process.

Quest Collaboration Services

I took over this product as technical lead after a previous team had difficulty maintaining it at the required minimum service level. The product was designed to synchronize contact and calendar data between Microsoft Exchange servers without any security changes or trusts required between the participating organizations.

The product had been built in Russia by a team that no longer existed. Due to a problem during a code migration before I received the product, all comments and documentation were lost from the code, which weighed in at about 150,000 significant lines. In addition, the product, written entirely in C++, used undocumented and unsupported MAPI interfaces to communicate with Exchange.

Working with one other developer and two testers, we were able to release versions extending support for Exchange 2010, along with numerous bug-fix releases. In addition, we provided 24-7 support to all customers around the world.

Quest Access Manager

I worked on this product team for one year. Access Manager was the predecessor to the Data Governance product listed above. Many of the components were reused by the later product. Access Manager did not contain the SharePoint or data classification components, and was a standalone product with a user interface built into Microsoft Management console (MMC).

Quest Group Policy Manager

I worked on this product team for two years. Group Policy Manager was the predecessor to a product now known as Quest GPOAdmin. Starting from scratch, and with significant competition in the marketplace, we built it into the world's leading third-party Group Policy management tool. It was primarily a Group Policy version control tool, offering policy comparison, workflow, and deployment features. The team was comprised of four developers and one tester.

A client-server design, most code was written in C#, with some C++ for policy setting injection. We heavily leveraged the API's provided by Microsoft with their Group Policy Management Console. For functionality that could not be provided by the public API's, we reverse engineered the GPO structures in Active Directory.

The user interface was presented as an MMC snap-in, with HTML used for reporting purposes.

2003-2004 — Nicom — Software Developer

Provided performance analysis and troubleshooting on a large web-based CRM system for a regional telecom provider. This work was primarily comprised of analyzing the threading code while in production and modifying DCOM settings to avoid thread starvation under heavy customer load. Code was written in VB.Net and stored in Visual SourceSafe.

Subcontracted to a GIS software developer where I delivered a land-management/permitting application for a small city. Project had been troubled, with over three years history of non-delivery. Working alone, and starting largely from scratch, I was able to complete the project within three months. All code was written in a language proprietary to the client which I had never seen before. Tooling consisted of a text editor and StarTeam for source control.

1999-2001 — Microforum — Software Developer

Built two e-commerce sites.

Built two content management systems for a large insurance industry customer.

Built proof-of-concept for RSS news aggregation product.

1997-1999 — Mount Sinai School of Medicine — Systems Analyst

Developed data collection software for national surgical and pharmaceutical trials sponsored by the US NIH and FDA.

Provided technical support services for the Department of Neurology.

1990-1997 — Rockwood Electronics — Junior Partner

Worked in all aspects of family business. Built custom PC hardware and provided technical support to legal and medical research clients.


1993-1995 — Technical University of Nova Scotia — Computer Engineering

I attended two years of this program before returning to the work force.